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Frequently Asked Security Questions

Can I set part of the alarm at different times?

The system can have up to four different part sets. This allows for only certain areas of the property to be armed, thereby leaving others accessible.

Presenting your alarm tag to the  keypad will enable you to select which full or part set option you require.

What is a Tag?

Your alarm Tag is a small proximity disc or  card  that is used instead of an alarm code when setting and inactivating your alarm.  The alarm tag was introduced  by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) for ease of use and also to help prevent false alarms.

How can I reduce false alarms?

When setting your alarm system ensure all doors and windows are shut , as wind can cause curtains and blinds etc to move.  Never leave helium balloons in the property when the alarm is set and check to ensure a spider has not made a cobweb on any of the sensors , especially near the front and back doors.  All of these can cause false alarms.

What happens if the alarm activates?

Try not to panic and turn off the alarm using  your alarm Tag or code.

If your alarm is connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre and the system cannot be deactivated, call us immediately quoting your passcard number in the event it is a false alarm , as this will prevent keyholders and or the Police being called unnecessarily and prevent your Police response being downgraded or withdrawn.

What if I want an alarm without Police response?

Should you not want police response then there is an option to have  a  “Keyholder  Only ” response contract.  This means that , in the event of an alarm activation , only your nominated Keyholders would be called. You can designate two  private keyholders or a professional keyholders such as our sister company, CMS Keyholding (Tel: 020 7627 0344), who will  attend all activations and deal with the situation at hand.

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