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Alarm Monitoring for your Home or Business

Alarm Monitoring 24 hours

Tara provides 24 hours monitoring for all types of alarm systems including intruder, fire, panic, freezer, medical, power failure, disabled people, vault, opening and closing management, flood warning, access control, ambient temperature, humidity level, machinery monitoring and controlled environment monitoring.

Digital Communicator: Single Path Communication

This single path communication link can use either an existing standard analogue line, or an exclusive dedicated outgoing line for greater security.

Dualcom Vodafone: Dual Path Communication

Crime prevention officers and insurance companies recommend this type of system which provides a dual path communication link between your property and our Alarm Receiving Centre.

BT Redcare: Additional Security Levels

BT Redcare offers the same features as Digital Communicator, but with the additional security feature of a line fault warning.

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