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Wall Safes, Free-Standing and Fireproof

Wall Safes

Available in a range of sizes, our robust, superior-strength wall safes are made from solid steel plate and include a heavy duty three-bolt model with removable shelf. Our wall safes have seven-lever locks which can be operated with keys, a three wheel combination lock or digitally.

High Security Wall Safe

Free-standing Safes and Security Cabinets

Secure storage at home or in the workplace is vital to protect valuables and is increasingly becoming an insurance requirement. We offer a choice of free-standing safes and security cabinets including fire-resistant models for documents and computer data, and secure cash and deed boxes.

Free Standing Safe and Security Cabinet


Document and data safes

These fire resistant data safes are designed for storing sensitive electronic media such as CDs, external hard drives, digital audio and video tapes and compact flash cards as well as laptops. Fire resistance is rated from 60 to 120 minutes and these safes also offer protection against smoke and water damage.

Document and Data Safes


Fireproof safes

Fire resistant safes are designed to store paper documents such as deeds or exam papers, while cabinets are available to store and protect more bulky items. Our fire resistant safes and cabinets are rated to provide from 30 to 120 minutes fire resistance.


Fire Proof Safes


Under-floor safes

We have a wide range of under-floor safes that can be easily concealed beneath carpets or furniture. They are designed to be set in reinforced concrete and are flock-lined to protect the contents.

Under Floor Safes

Vehicle safes

Ideal cash deposit safes for the secure transportation of cash in vehicles.

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